Internet of Things: the power of FI-WARE

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a computing concept that describes a future where everyday physical objects will be connected to the Internet and be able to identify themselves to other devices.

FI-WARE includes the Internet of Things Service Enablement as one of the chapters to be addressed within the Reference Architecture of the FI-WARE Platform. The IoT Service Enablement chapter comprises those Generic Enablers in FI-WARE enabling a large number of distributed and heterogeneous things and associated IoT resources to become available, searchable, accessible and usable by Future Internet Applications and Services.

The term IoT resource refers to the computational elements (i.e. software running on devices), enabling to gather information about things and act upon them.

Following these concepts, ITS Duero had an idea that has become an interesting project called Find your place. This Project consists of developing mobile phone APPs for the spotting of empty parking spaces –blue zone or free-charged ones- by means of linking them to sensors bound to a controller which will say if a vehicle is parked there or occupying that space. Once the occupation is spotted, drivers will be able to download APPs for their mobile devices, such as smartphones, GPSs, tablets, etc., which will help them drive to the nearest empty parking space. By means of the FI-WARE Platform, this information will be sent to public street displays, which will inform about the number of empty parking spaces in different streets.

By virtue of this Project, town councils and the companies that are in charge of Regulated Parking Services will be able to control the occupation of parking spaces in the town, thus improving traffic management, providing information in real-time to avoid fraud and efficiently manage public space in order to lessen CO2 emissions.

Find your place. ITS DUERO FI-WARE PROJECT from ITS Duero on Vimeo.